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mega millions jackpot lottery winnig $1.348 billion jackpot!

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

mega millions history

The first Mega Millions® drawing resulted in a grand prize winner. The May 17, 2002 drawing won a $28 million winning ticket in Illinois. Just one week later there was a second jackpot winner - meaning there were two jackpot winners in the first three Mega Millions drawings.

Since the game began in 2002, 234 individual tickets have won 208 progressive jackpots (21 progressive jackpots have been shared between two or more winning tickets).

Mega Millions has awarded 27 jackpots totaling more than $300 million, including the Mega Millions record of $1.537 billion won in South Carolina on Oct. 23, 2018.

The largest Mega Millions jackpot won by a single ticket was $1.537 billion, the world's largest single ticket jackpot; the single ticket record lasted more than four years until it was broken by the Powerball jackpot on November 7, 2022.1,348 million in other large single Mega Millions wins in Maine on January 13, 2023; $1,337 million in Illinois on July 29, 2022; $1.05 billion in Michigan on January 22, 2021; $543 million in California on July 24, 2018; $536 million in Indiana on July 8, 2016; and $533 million in New Jersey on March 30, 2018. Indiana on July 8, 2016; $536 million in Indiana on March 30, 2018; and $533 million in New Jersey on March 30, 2018.

After winning a massive $1.348 billion jackpot in Maine on January 13, the Mega Millions® jackpot has been won three more times in the first month of 2023. A Massachusetts lottery ticket holder matched all six numbers drawn Tuesday night - White Ball 7, 9, 18, 29 and 39, plus Golden Superball 13 - to win $31 million ($16.5 million cash). A Bay State player also won the top prize on Jan. 24, after winning in New York on Jan. 17.

In Millionaire's nearly 21-year history, never before has the jackpot been won four times in any one month. This is indeed an unprecedented extension of history, fulfilling the Lotto's promise of randomness - the ability to win the jackpot at any time, at any level.

How to play mega millions jackpot

Let our computer system randomly select your Mega Millions® number! The system will choose five random numbers between 1 and 70 (White Ball) and one random number between 1 and 25 (Super Ball).

The second prize is up to $5 million!

Mega Millions® is the only jackpot game with a second prize of up to $5 million if the player buys an optional Megaplier® ($1 extra in most states). This prize level was determined when the game matrix was changed on October 19, 2013. Since that date, there have been 1,387 Match 5 winning tickets worth $1 million or more, in almost every jurisdiction where the game has been sold.


The Mega Millions® Sweepstakes is conducted under strict security procedures.

The drawing is held every Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time at the WSB-TV studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Many factors go into making a successful Millionaire Sweepstakes.

  • The raffle machines and ball sets for each game are randomly selected and certified by an outside reviewer to ensure that the balls and equipment give each number an equal chance at the raffle.

  • Each lottery draw machine and ball set undergoes a series of pre-draw tests to ensure absolute randomness of results.

  • Two lottery officials who are lottery employees and one member of an independent auditing firm administer the tests and conduct/observe the draws.

  • All lottery equipment is securely maintained and used only by lottery officials.

For a drawing of fewer than 60 seconds, the entire process takes about three hours.

Lottery Fraud

"You've won the lottery!" These are the words that many people want to hear. But sometimes these words come from scammers who are trying to steal your money. Some of these scammers falsely claim to be associated with Mega Millions, and no representative of Mega Millions will ever call, text, or email anyone about winning the lottery.

How do I play online lotto games - mega millions jackpot lottery

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