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Online Slots to Play this Chinese New Year

We had just begun the year 2023 and are now officially entering the year of the water rabbit, which brings luck and fortune to those who work hard for it. And, as the holiday season continues, here are some online slot games you can play during the Chinese New Year, whether they are new year-themed or simply the perfect casino game to accompany you as we ring in the new lucky year.

Fa Chai

Chinese New Year

Developed by the popular game brand Fa Chai, Chinese New Year is a slot machine that has 5 reels and 243 different ways a player can win. A fun animated dragon figure sits above the reels of the game. It is surrounded by shiny gold ingots and red lanterns, and the background has an abstract design. The game also includes a golden pineapple, further adding an elegant visual to the setup.

Because it is a wild icon, the cute dragon face mask can stand in for more basic graphic representations. Once the Scatter symbol appears on all five reels at any point during the free spins, the player will be awarded 13 of them.

Every win that occurs during the free-spins round has its value multiplied. This round can be restarted at any point in time if the player has three or more scatter symbols active on the game screen.

Folklore says that during the Spring Festival, a monster called Nian Beast appeared in the wild in winter.

Nian Beast was very ferocious and broke into houses to eat people at midnight.

People built a bonfire and lit firecrackers by their door to scare the Nian Beast away.

When firecracker appears on all the 5 reels, you trigger a free game!



JILI is yet another game developer well-known for its many online slot games. This includes FaFaFa. In Asia, “fa” is associated with prosperity and good fortune. Therefore, the game might bring wealth and prosperity to its players through the use of a simple reel.

The visual effects of FaFaFa include a large representation of the color red, and each symbol represents wealth and the good fortune that comes with it. The inscription of a gold medal on the sleeve also serves as a reward for players. If there are three of these symbols on a pay line, players have a chance to win 888 coins, followed by gold ingots, and then gems.

When players play the slot game, they can also get gold coins in different ways, such as in red envelopes or small bonuses. And because FaFaFa uses a three-reel, it is easy to enjoy the game.

Xi Yang Yang

Another online casino slot game from Jili that is perfect to play during the Chinese New Year is Xi Yang Yang. This is a fun and friendly game that can be played to celebrate the start of the year of the water rabbit. Xi Yang Yang is an online slot game that is sure to keep players entertained. It has fortune babies and firecrackers, as well as a variety of payline effects that can help players win more often. The most important part of the game is the fortune baby. When the fortune baby appears on the reels, it sets off the firecrackers. With this feature, players are able to win bonuses, free spins, and other exciting prizes.

Inspired by the culture and traditions of China, this game's visual effects include a colorful icon on the green scroll of the Gate of China, two animated children next to the matrix, and a view of a medieval Chinese city in the background.

Xi Yang Yang has 4 by 5 reels instead of the more common types, which makes it a more unique online slot game. It has up to 40 paylines, and the symbols are arranged from left to right on the pay table, but in the opposite direction.

Click here to browse more fun and entertaining online slot games from YeahBet.

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