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online lotto games-Shi Shi Cai

JILIWIN l UNOBET continues to provide players with a variety of popular online lotto games, and today we bring you a detailed introduction to the lottery.

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China's top-selling lottery game - Shi Shi Cai

You will get a comprehensive understanding of China's top-selling lottery games, while offering the highest counter level in Taiwan, allowing you to steadily build up your capital step by step and create an extraordinarily good income.


What are Shi Shi Cai?

Every color rules" is a new lottery game that we have been hearing a lot about lately. The game is launched by the lottery issuance and management center of the Chinese authorities and is similar to "Mark Six" and "BINGO BINGO".

Shi Shi Cai How to play

The gameplay is very simple and is broadly divided into two types: "size single and pair betting" and "asterisk play".


Shi Shi Cai- Size betting

  • Guess the size of the lottery numbers in the individual and ten positions and the single and double.

  • Major and minor numbers: 5~9 are classified as major numbers; 0~4 are classified as minor numbers.

  • Odd and even number: the number is called even, such as 4, 8; the number is called single odd, such as 5, 9.

  • Individual bets can be placed against the grid.

Shi Shi Cai-The Star Betting Game

Each lottery number is a set of 5 numbers, which are 10,000, 1,000, 100, 10, and single digits.

  • 1 Star Play: Single-digit bet (last number)

  • 2 Star Play: Bet on 10 digits (last two numbers)

  • 3-star play: and so on

  • 5 Star Play: In this order, the highest odds of winning.

You can bet with a minimum amount on either type of play.

Shi Shi Cai-Key Feature

  • Fast lottery

The lottery opens once every 10 minutes, which is very fast compared to sports betting, live entertainment, and other types of games.

  • Fixed Odds

The fixed odds are very easy to calculate expectations and give you a quick idea of whether your portfolio is scaled up to the maximum profit.

  • Easy to get started

The lottery type of game is all about betting combinations, raising expectations and reducing risk, and if the gameplay is too complicated, it will discourage players.

Shi Shi Cai-Odds

The official odds of the lottery are basically fixed. Basically, in order to effectively attract players, entertainment cities in general offer higher odds.



AE LOTTO has created a separate low-level setting function in the new system. Through this feature, merchants can effectively manage all aspects of a player's status with a high degree of flexibility. For example, different betting limits and levels can be set between players at any time without their notice.

4 major advantages

  • Full range of localized lottery games Provides the most popular lottery games and develops the most comprehensive gameplay.

  • Convenient and immersive experience The versatile and diverse game interface enhances playability.

  • Multiple languages and currencies Various games and settings in multiple languages and currencies are supported.

  • Precision Management System Individually manage lower levels and gain game insights through 8 types of analytics reports.


Online lotto games-Shi Shi Cai

JILIWIN l UNOBET, one of the legally registered gaming companies in Costa Rica, has the most credibility and high quality, making it the most sensible choice for players.

In order to make your experience more convenient and better, we are constantly improving and optimizing our processes and offering a variety of deposit methods. We will continue to work hard to keep up with your needs. You can now make deposits in the following ways

Offline deposit

  1. Offline deposit is a deposit payment through the company's designated bank card number. You can use ATM deposit, or pay by counter remittance.

  2. Note: The company's bank account number can be changed at any time. Please go to [Offline Deposit] before each deposit to check the latest bank account information of the company's deposit recipient or ask for 24/7 online customer service. The company is not responsible for any deposits made to expired accounts, which cannot be checked and received by the company. 3.

  3. Please follow the steps of the company's deposit platform to operate the deposit process, the peer-to-peer transfer deposit arrival time is about five to ten minutes, inter-bank transfer should be based on the bank transfer operation time as the basis, we will immediately recharge your game account after confirming the arrival of the account.

  4. Note: Please add a final number after the amount when you deposit (e.g.: if you want to deposit 5000 yuan, please transfer 5000.28 yuan), so that it is convenient to arrive at the account quickly.

Online Deposit

  1. There are 5 major types of online deposit, namely WeChat payment, Alipay, QQ payment, third party debit card and internet banking transfer.

  2. Each method may have several accounts, you just need to choose any account.

  3. After selecting the account number, follow the steps of the company's deposit platform.

  4. After confirming the delivery, you will be asked to confirm that your payment order is correct and you are advised to record your payment order number and wait patiently.

  5. After successful payment, the credit will be added to your Solaire888 member account immediately.

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