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how to win the lottery Using Feng Shui

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

There are many different lottery tickets on the market, but for everyone, the chances of winning the jackpot are extremely rare, and many people believe: "When there is a time in life, there must be, when there is no time in life, do not force yourself.

However, after so many years in the history of the lotto, people still speculate on the winners, wondering what other ways or omens determine them to be different from the average person, other than being lucky themselves.

Superstition has always been an indispensable wisdom of life deeply rooted in Chinese tradition, and even in the modern era of science, superstition is still not absent from life.

If you come across any of these lottery precursors, why not try your luck at jiliwin and check out these signs, maybe you too will be the next lucky winner!

  • Before marrying and after having children According to statistics, no matter what the occasion is, when the lottery is held, the winners are often people who have just gotten married or have just had a baby. In fact, in the past, many people of the older generation said "listen to the mouth of a certain rich" and "bring wealth with the birth of a child".

  • Left eye jumping and right eye jumping Although the doctor told us that eyelid jumping only means fatigue, dry eyes, etc. But whether it's superstition or coincidence, there are really many people who have won the lottery with their eyelids jumping like this! So the next time your eyelids keep jumping, go online to jiliwin and pick your favorite lottery ticket!

  • Children's words When I was a child, I was always surrounded by children who were learning to speak and "asked for the sign", so perhaps it was the innocence of the children that attracted the attention of the God of Fortune.

  • Omens in Dreams It is often said that dreams of snakes, fire, dogs, and poop are all symbols of wealth, but are they accurate? Let's leave it to your heart to prove it!


How to use Feng Shui to play online lotto games

Feng Shui is a traditional custom that is deeply rooted in Chinese society and is widely used, especially in the application of knowledge related to fortune, which is loved by the general public.

  1. Bedroom space must be large

A room that is too small, luck will not come in, the best way to get rid of the furniture in the house, neat and well-ventilated space is the main point, too dirty or no window room must be abandoned

2. Place a stereo or TV by the east window

Gambling luck is a kind of gold luck, the direction of winning and losing luck is the east, called the east in Feng Shui, which has the function of destroying negative gas energy, when you want to achieve lucky opportunities, let the gambling luck become good, or win the lottery, it is best to let the east of the gas shock up.

3. Implementation of the magnetic field principle of earth-generated gold

The five elements of feng shui, the earth produces gold, refers to the good relationship between earth and metallic nature, the good use of this relationship can enhance money luck. In order to summon the power of the earth, people in ancient times would actually hide their treasures on the ground, but this method is a bit cumbersome for modern people.

4. Strengthen the light source at the inner demon door to disperse the Yin energy

The northeast corner must be kept clean and tidy from time to time, and it is best to strengthen the aura here by placing leafy plants to purify the aura here, and a desk lamp must be placed at night to blow away the yin in this area to increase good luck.

5. You need to improve your intuition to have good luck with gambling

The south side is the location to enhance intuition, ideal if it is a window or a large balcony, placing large green foliage plants near the window or on the balcony can best help enhance intuition

6. The focus of increasing decision-making is in the southwest

The southwest should be placed with dark wood grain and rich glass door bookcase or sideboard, the floor should be paved with carpet, preferably with a green background and red or blue patterned carpet

7. Use more colors that attract gambling luck

The color that attracts gambling luck should be orange and pink. If you want to win the lottery when you sleep together, you should sleep against the wall.

8. Eat more foods that boost your gambling luck

The combination of toast bread for patience, tomatoes and bacon for vitality, and yellow egg yolks to lift your spirits will increase your intuitive power. You can also eat more foods that enhance your fortune, such as yellow pudding, desserts, taro custard, and tiger skin cake are all good choices.

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