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How to win big lottery prizes by Mark Six

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

online lotto games-Mark Six the odds of winning are soaring!

The most basic analysis of Mark Six is to use the Mark Six version to observe the rules. The best way to get the most out of the lottery is to use the lottery tail number distribution chart, because you can directly divide the 49 lottery numbers into 10 tails, significantly reducing the time to calculate the lottery, but also improving the chances of winning, and the tail number method is most suitable to sign the lottery sitting method.

The use of the tail analysis method to see the last 20 hexagram lottery numbers, buy 3 tail hexagram unique, car play can be 19 periods, the chance of winning is really the top, in a car bonus 28900 than the basic salary is still good to earn, and 3 tail also won 4 times hexagram two stars, the prize money received 5700 × 4 = 22800, hexagram tail catch method is definitely worth your use!

How to calculate the clear cards in Mark Six? Understanding the principle of dragging cards to make a stable profit?

  1. Sixth Lottery Tips-Hot Drag Card Combinations: Catching 2 numbers from the Mark Six hot card is the easiest way to get 2 stars in the Mark Six prediction method.

  2. Hexagonal cheat sheet - head-tail method: The most accurate method of predicting Mark Six is the Head and Tail method. This Mark Six technique is a blend of the Tail Method and the Drag Method, which cross-references popular Drag numbers with the Tail Number to catch only the duplicate numbers, and is a popular Mark Six tip among veterans.

How to buy the Mark Six lottery to win? Listen to what the experts say!

What other techniques can be used to predict the Mark Six lottery successfully? The top players of the lottery tips report you to know!

  • The actual fact is that you can't be greedy: the predicted number is pressed within 5 as much as possible, it is recommended to catch 4, two stars, three stars, four stars scattered bets, that is, two stars 6 touches, three stars 4 touches, four stars 1 touch.

  • The majority of the Mark Six jackpots and two-star are from the hot numbers, while the Mark Six cold numbers are suitable for betting on the Mark Six full-car ride play, especially the super hard numbers that have not been opened for more than 20 or 30 periods, which can be properly chased for 3 to 5 periods.

  • The Mark Six divine cards, inspirational cards: many people will have Mark Six dream numbers, or like the gods for bright cards, this bias Mark Six metaphysical numbers, you can chase 3 to 5 periods, after all, bright cards are not necessarily opened in the current period.

  • The history of the lottery is that there is no single or double, so special attention should be paid when choosing numbers in the lottery.


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