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The secret recipe of lotto game with a global perspective

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

If there is one thing that people all over the world will undoubtedly like, without much thought, it must be "money"!

Although working hard to earn money is something we all do, it is the small wish of everyone who buys the Lotto to be able to dream of big money with a small capital since it was invented!

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Because the desire for wealth is a common goal around the world, there are also a variety of different recipes for wealth around the world, found thousands, tens of thousands of kilometers away, people in different countries, and you have the same belief, do not feel sympathetic? Now we will introduce different ways to attract wealth in the world, you can also try out the original model, and may encounter another god of luck!

  • Japanese Fortune Animals: Fortune Cats

The cat with its right paw is a male cat symbolizing wealth and prosperity and is often placed on the counter of local lottery tickets; while the cat with its left paw is a female cat symbolizing a large number of guests, and is often placed at the entrance of hotels and izakayas.

When it comes to these cute cats, the color of the cat body also has a great mystery. If the cat's body is blue, it is a prayer for children's learning progress and traffic safety; if it is pink, it has a connotation of blessing a smooth relationship. Interestingly, it is rare for a cat to raise both front paws at the same time, which is said to be too greedy and therefore not very popular.

  • Korean Fortune Animals: Pig

When you look at the signboards of Korean barbecue restaurants and other stores, the most popular animal that attracts money is the most common "pig".

In addition, from a linguistic point of view, "pig" is not entirely a dirty, lazy "fat pig" in the minds of Koreans; some young girls in their developmental stage will be positively described as "flower pigs" by adults at home if they eat more and have a more rounded body.

  • Taiwan Fortune Animals: Golden Toad

In addition to the exotic wealth-attracting cats, there are also common "toads" in Taiwan. They usually look upwards with their eyes wide open and bite a coin in their mouths, and their feet are often covered with lucky words such as "Wealthy" and "Prosperity".


Then why can the toad attract wealth? And why does it have only three legs? This comes from the Taoist legend "Liu Hai plays with a golden toad": In order to save his father, who was miserly in life and was punished by the gods after his death, he turned into a "three-legged golden toad" and fell into the East Sea. It is no wonder that the toads we see today are mostly three-legged and biting gold coins.

Let's move on to Thailand. The lotto business in Thailand is booming, and people who are passionate about winning the lottery have summarized and coalesced influential items or ways to get rich.

  • Two-headed Turtle

A man in Thailand was nurturing a young tortoise when a two-headed tortoise suddenly emerged from its shell, attracting a large number of Thai people to make a pilgrimage in the hope of reading the lucky number sign from the shell! The reason for the uproar is that the Thai people believe that the tortoise is an auspicious animal and that the tortoise will only move forward and not backward, symbolizing eternal development, success, wealth, and longevity. The Buddhist scriptures also mention that there was a reincarnation as a sacred tortoise, making business people even more superstitious.

  • Rings

Thai people believe that wearing a ring on the middle finger of the right hand is an act to attract wealth, while Thai people also believe that wearing a ring on the ring finger and pinky finger of the right hand can attract the opposite sex and improve the luck of peach blossom. In addition, Thai people wear "elephant hair rings" which represent the meaning of promotion, academic progress, and good luck.

  • Elephant

Historically, Thailand has used elephants as its mounts. According to legend, the ancient Thai generals used trained elephants to fight and kill their enemies, so the Thai elephant symbolizes honor and sanctity, making elephant hair even more precious.

  • Water Lizard

The animal commonly known as the "five-clawed golden dragon" is in fact the so-called water lizard, with gold and silver stripes on its body, symbolizing money in Thailand.

Water lizards are huge and look like crocodiles from a distance, but they are tame and do not attack humans. But don't look at this huge creature, huge water lizards are very popular in the small villages around Bangkok, because the local people believe that these giant lizards can attract people's fortune and businessmen like them to patrol their stores.

  • twitching of the eyelids

In Thailand, the left eye is jumping for disaster and the right eye is jumping for wealth, so when the right eye of Thai people jumps wildly, it makes them happy all day long.

  • Rubbing the bark of trees

When Thai people see a special-looking tree, they like to rub its bark to see if a special number will appear to sign the card. This is also a special superstition of the Thai people to attract wealth.

winning lottery numbers

  • Digital superstition

Thai people like the number "9" because the Thai pronunciation of the number 9 is similar to "moving forward", so Thai people believe that this number will lead people to move forward and develop a good future. In addition, 9 also represents longevity and longevity in Thailand.

There are also Thais who like the number "8", but this number is more controversial. Those who like it and those who don't are divided into two extreme groups. Some believe that the number 8 will bring people wealth, but others believe that the number will stir up disputes between people.


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