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JILIWIN l UNOBET / Various special games of jili free

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

The most extensive online casino

For those who don't like scratch cards or spinning slots, UNOBET also offers board games, including baccarat, blackjack, keno, poker, roulette and craps.These include baccarat, blackjack, keno, poker, roulette and craps, all of which are easy to learn and play.

There is nothing better than playing online casino table games to get the full online gambling experience. The action at online tables is fast and furious, so if you're looking for a win, you need to bring all your best skills to bear.

We offer a comprehensive range of table games, tailored to meet the diverse tastes of our customers. From the thrilling excitement of blackjack to the fun and excitement of a dice roll, we offer a variety of classic and modern games for beginners and experienced gamers alike. Our low casino advantage ensures that our table games are fair and enjoyable for everyone.

Next, we will introduce various traditional gaming games on UNOBET that are rich in local color.

RICH88 Fish Shfimp Crap

Fish Shfimp Crap,Also known asFish Shfimp Crap Sic Bo,It is a traditional game of gambling in China and Vietnam, and was once a popular game in southern China, and is still often played for entertainment during the Chinese New Year. Its format and odds are basically the same as another gambling method, Sic Bo, except that the dice are made of fish, shrimp, crab, money, gourd and chicken instead of points, and some use tigers instead of gold.

The dice used for Fish Shfimp Crap are stipulated as follows

Pattern color points

  • Fish red a little

  • Shrimp green two points

  • Gourd blue three points

  • Money blue four points

  • Crab Green Five Points

  • Chicken red six points

THE RULE-Fish Shfimp Crap

  1. In a new game, after the betting countdown begins, players can choose their chips to bet according to their guesses.

  2. After the countdown time is over, the bets are stopped and the dealer rolls the dice.

  3. After the dice cup stops, the dealer will input the result by looking at the pattern and color of the three dice, while the screen lights up, the player can clearly see whether the winning bet and odds are the same as the player's bet, to determine the winner.

  4. When opening the dice, if the dice are on the edge, resulting in slanted dice, stacked dice, or if the opening cover touches the dice, the bet will be cancelled.

Fish Shfimp Crap how to Awards

unobet players here can use three dice to play, where each game by the system to roll the dice, you can point on the diceto bet on the number of dice

  1. If a player wins a bet on the area, the points will be doubled directly, and if he does not bet on the area, he will lose the entire bet.If the player does not bet on the betting area, then the player will lose the entire capital amount of the bet.

2. In live games, the system provider is the banker, and the player's principal will be returned to the player if the bet is successful and the winning area is guessed,Also, the bets on the unsuccessful areas will be recovered.

  1. Assuming that the player bets on both sizes and pairs at the same time, only the larger of the two bets will be counted when the card is opened.

  2. As with many online jackpot games, if the player opens a leopard and the winning pattern is the same, then it's a straight shootout.

  3. The game has the same odds as Sic Bo, except that fish, shrimp, crab, gourd, coin, and rooster are used as the point system.

  4. The payout will be based on the odds and the system will not take any money.

  5. Normal effective bet amount = actual bet amount.

  6. Dice: The player can specify the dice that must open three of the dice bet.


RICH88 Betting Mooncake

Bo cakes can be said to be a characteristic of Fujian Minnan, and in recent years there has been a tendency to radiate towards the north. It is understandable that this kind of culture will change when it goes abroad (for example, the taste of local specialties will definitely change when they go to other places).

The rules of bakery are generally 5 to 10 people a table, of course, can be more or less, too little is no atmosphere, too much, such as more than 12 people, first, the prizes will be relatively less, and second, each circle of time is long to affect the atmosphere.

【Basic rules】

  • A dice throwing entertaining game. It is throwing six dice in a bowl and rotated and the player chooses the expected bet score before throwing the dice, and determines which combination will be get based on the result. The odds are converted into the payouts that can be obtained.

  • The system retracts the dice and prepares for the next game.


RICH88 color dish

2021 began to become popular "Vietnamese sex disc" Chinese translation called "sex disc" original "Xóc Đĩa", we must first understand its history and origin, in fact, the Vietnamese sex disc seems to be popular from 2021 began to become popular, the main popular origin for Vietnam, in fact, in Vietnam as early as 1909 or even earlier has appeared in the local Vietnamese folk streets are familiar with the game

【Basic rules】

Use 4 red and white buttons to play the game.

Players respectively bet the button color combination, and they can get the prize if the result is

correct. The bet amount will be recycled by the system if fail.

◆ [Even] and [Odd] can only choose one to bet, and there are no restrictions on other combinations.

Porn Betting Type

○○○○ 4 White

○○○● 3 white and 1 red

○●●● 1 white 3 red

●●●● 4 Red

○○○○,○○●●,●●●● Double

○○○●,○●●● Single

After a player has placed a bet, the dealer will turn the bowl over to see the number of red buttons and the number of white buttons

Odds and Ends

Play Combinations Odds Description

●●●● 1:1 Open 4 red buttons

○○○○ 1:1 Open 4 white buttons

○●●● 1:3 Open 3 red + 1 white button

○○○● 1:3 Open 3 white + 1 red button

【○○○●,○●●●】 1:2 Open 3 white/red buttons + 1 red/white button

【●●●●,○○○○,○○●●】 1:2 Open 4 red/white two-color buttons; double red and double white

If the result is 2 white and 2 red, there is no win/loss in betting on the over/under direction.


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