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JILIWIN l UNOBET / The best places to visit Jili Online Casino

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Today, we will continue to introduce the special games that are also very popular at UNOBETCASINO.

Traditional fan tan evolution

fan tan - Historical gaming games

Pantou, which originally meant "to make money", is a long-established game of chance in China that became popular in the western United States around the latter half of the 19th century. The gambling method is simple. In ancient times, a cross was drawn on the table and divided into one, two, three, four, and four doors. The gambler (banker) placed dozens of small coins of the same size on the table. A small magnetic plate or bowl is used to cover some of the dozens of coins. After the player has placed his bet, he opens the bowl and counts the number of coins in the bowl with a rattan stick or a small wooden stick. The winner is determined by the remaining coins in the last dimension; if one is left, then one wins, if two are left, then two win, and so on.

Rules of Play

When a new game starts, the dealer takes a certain number of buttons from a pile of buttons in an opaque container, and the player guesses the number of buttons left in the container divided by four and places a bet on the side of the square with the chosen number. Once the bet is placed, the dealer will open the container and use a small stick to remove 4 buttons at a time until finally 4 or fewer are left. This is the winning number; if there are four buttons left, the one who bets on four wins, and so on. Today, the game has changed a lot, and there are seven other ways to play the game: Nen, Jiao, Single and Double, Big and Small, Tong, and Sanmen.

Play Introduction

  • fan: A player bets on a single number: 1, 2, 3, or 4, and if the remainder of the bet matches the bet number, he or she wins. For example, if a player bets on 1, then 1 is a winner, and 2, 3, or 4 is a loser.

  • Kwok: Also known as a betting streak, players bet on two numbers at once: 1 for 2 or 1 for 4, 2 for 3 or 2 for 1, 3 for 4 or 3 for 2, 4 for 3 or 4 for 1. The former is a win, the latter is a draw (that is, no loss or win), and the two numbers are not bet on are a loss. For example, if the number 1 is 2, then 1 is a win, 2 is a draw, and 3 or 4 is a loss.

  • Chun: Players bet on two numbers at a time: 1/20 cents, 2/3 cents, 3/4 cents, and 4/1 cents, and as long as one of the two numbers comes up, the player wins, and the other loses. For example, if the number is 1/2 dime, then either 1 or 2 is considered a win, and 3 or 4 is a loss.

  • Single / Double:1 and 3 are singles; 2 and 4 are doubles. Therefore, if you bet on a single, you will win with a 1 or 3; conversely, if you bet on a double, you will win with a 2 or 4.

  • odd: A player bets three numbers at a time: 1/2 pass 3, 1/2 pass 4, 1/3 pass 2, 1/3 pass 4, 1/4 pass 2, 1/4 pass 3, 2/3 pass 1, 2/3 pass 4, 3/4 pass 1, 3/4 pass 2. The former is a win, the latter is a draw (that is, no loss, no win), and the number not bet is a loss. For example, if 1/2 passes 3, then 1 or 2 is a win, 3 is a draw, and 4 is a loss.

  • even: A player bets on three numbers at once: 1/2/3, 1/2/4, 1/3/4, 2/3/4, and as long as one of the three opens, the player wins, and the other loses. For example 1/2/3, 1 or 2, or 3 is a win, and 4 is a loss.


Best Online unobet casino

How to win bonuses

The payout is different from the usual lottery types, as it includes not only the simplest 1-to-1, but also the 2-to-1 pass and the 3-to-1 3-door. I suggest that you can use these two ways of playing to earn steadily, and even if you lose, it will be a small loss.

The biggest advantage of playing in an online casino, in addition to the simple operation and clear picture, is that the online casino will organize the relevant data of the live beach to help players understand the results of each game, through the analysis of these past figures and comparison, and then predict the possible future lottery numbers! Choosing an online live casino is not only a great way to enjoy the live action, but it's also a lot easier and more convenient.

Advanced Winning Tips

  • Wild Card Play

The best way is to fix the number of hands you play, and I suggest playing three hands to play a group, with a bet of $1000 per hand.

  • Bet steadily according to the rules

To play any game, it is absolutely necessary to perform repetitive actions with discipline, so as not to be affected too much by the emotions of winning or losing, and to develop sensitivity to the numbers of the flop.

  • Science instead of words

That is, if you are a new player, then you'd better buy 1 and 2 more numbers, and if you are new to the table, then 2 and 3 are the numbers you can try to see.

  • Modify your betting strategy at any time

Use historical analysis to place bets on more frequent numbers, or use chun bets or even bets, although the odds are lower, but the chance of winning is higher.


unobet Online fan tan

unobet provides players with a variety of sophisticated online versions of fan tan entertainment, a more convenient and safe way to play, as long as there is an Internet environment, you can start playing at any time and anywhere!

RICH88 fan tan

【 Basic rule 】

Table limit instruction The gameplay 0f Fantan is t0 use a dice cup t0 grab a certain number 0f round particles from an opaque container. The player guesses the number 0f particles in the dice cup and uses 4 as the base t0 to calculate the remainder as the result of the lottery

The betting methods are: odd, even, fan, corner, call, and gate. There are 26 betting methods for multiple combinations. Please refer to the payout odds section for detailed betting methods.

【 additional random reward 】 After the betting time is over, there will be a chance to double the odds randomly in 1 ~ 3 betting areas.



In Fan Tan, a random number of beads are gathered into a pile. At the end of each round, beads are removed from the uncovered pile in sets of four, until four or fewer are left. If your bet matches

the final number of buttons left, you win!

Special Feature

You have a chance to double your winnings on any bet! Bonus symbols are given randomly across the board, and if any lands on a winning bet, you get double the payout!

unobet casino multiple welcome bonuses

If you are new to online casinos, unobet Casino works as follows: Once you sign up and become a member of the site, you can take advantage of the many promotions the site offers, starting with the Welcome Bonus, which allows you to make up to 500 free spins on your site for your first deposit registration unobet Casino is easy, free and full of benefits!

From free spins to matching deposits, they offer great promotions for new and existing customers.

This means you can play our casino games fairly and transparently at our online casino, and your funds are safe and secure all using our operating funds.

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