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Play lottery online lotto games

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Let's learn more about the Vietnam lottery and its details, How to play, and what to note

The story behind the Vietnam Lottery

This year, due to the epidemic, I, like many of my foreign friends, could not go back to my own country to celebrate Chinese New Year. However, I found that there is a very interesting activity in Taiwan for the Chinese New Year, which the whole family will participate in together, and that is to buy scratch-off lottery or lotto, during which I also heard from my friends that some people have won small prizes, and I also saw in the news that many people have won big prizes.

For the people, the growth in lottery revenue means more people and more private money are being invested. What does this mean? It means that more people are looking to get rich overnight or find a way to make a fortune from the lottery. In Vietnam, the further south you go, especially in the Mekong Delta, the more people love to buy lottery tickets and are willing to spend a lot of money on them, but these provinces are also among the less developed areas in Vietnam.

At present, the only "lottery games" regulated and permitted by law in Vietnam are the "Construction Lottery" issued by the State and the "Vietlott Lottery" issued by Vietlott, which is similar to the Taiwan Lotto.

History of Vietnam Lottery

Lottery tickets have been issued in Vietnam for many years, and the revenue has been reaching record highs. The revenue of national lottery tickets (including Vietlott) is estimated to be VND31.7 trillion in 2020, which is close to the estimated VND34 trillion export value of crude oil in 2020. For the Vietnamese government and the public, the boom in lottery tickets has brought a lot of advantages and disadvantages.

The record high lottery revenue means that local governments have more budget to invest in local development, and even many provinces, which have budget constraints all year round, have made lottery revenue one of their main budgets, such as Bạc Liêu, Cà Mau, and other provinces in the Mekong Delta region. However, the result is that the long-term development of localities is even worse, because, with this huge amount of money, local governments will have less incentive to innovate and develop local financial sources, and will not want to fight for more resources from the central government. Therefore, in recent years, the central government has been talking about the need for local governments to reduce their financial dependence on lottery proceeds.

In 2011, the Vietnamese government approved the establishment of the Vietlott Company and the issuance of the Vietlott Lottery, which officially introduced a lottery-like game to the Vietnamese market. Each Vietlott ticket is priced at VND10,000, just like the construction lottery, but the prize will be accumulated with each lottery, so it is much higher than the construction lottery. In just a few years, there are agents in 48 provinces and cities nationwide, and it is also in competition with the construction lottery.


Introduction to the lottery and prize rules

Vietnam Traditional Lottery is the most popular lottery game in Vietnam for a long time and also attracts many people to participate in it, which is attractive because the jackpot is up to VND2 billion.

Vietnam's traditional lottery tickets are: South Vietnam Lottery, North Vietnam Lottery, and Central Vietnam Lottery

  • South Vietnam lottery draw time is: 16:15 daily

  • North Vietnam lottery draw time is: 18:15 daily

  • The lottery draw time is: 17:15 daily

There are lottery tickets for each province in South, North, and Central Vietnam, and you cannot buy lottery tickets for the Central and North in the South.

For example, in the southern part of the country, there are 21 provinces and municipalities that issue lottery tickets for seven days a week, and three provinces (cities) issue lottery tickets every day.

A lottery ticket with a denomination of VND10.000 has a chance to win a special prize of 2 billion.

Play method:

Vietnam Lottery is based on the official results from North and South Vietnam. The Vietnam Lottery (Vietnam Lottery's Phnom Penh game) is based on the results of the traditional Vietnamese lottery. The lottery is drawn by several companies, with the company named "Hanoi" drawing a lottery with 27 number strings and other companies with 18 strings. To place a bet, simply write down the number string and choose the type of game, and if you bet on the correct number string in the right place, you win.


  1. A includes the n-digit string in the result, with n representing the length of the string you are betting on;

  2. B Include the last string of numbers in the lottery results;

  3. C includes the variant of B. Move the last two digits of B to the head to get C。If B is abcde, then C is deabc;

  4. D includes the variant of B. Move the last digit of B to the second position of B to get D。If B is abcde, then D is aebcd;

  5. Packets, for '2D-packets', include the last two digits of all the resulting strings and the first two digits of B, C and D。For '3D-Packet', it includes the last three digits of all digit strings in the result except for the two-digit string。

  6. Packet 2, for '2D-Packet 2', includes the last two digits of all the resulting strings and the first two digits of B。For '3D-Package 2', it includes the last three digits of all the digit strings in the lottery results except for the two-digit string。

  7. 'Combination', for '2D-combination', choose any two numbers from the number string to bet on。

For '3D-combination', choose any three numbers from the number string and place a bet。 For example, if you bet 2D-combination-A with 1234, it is the same as betting 2D-A with 12,13,14,21,23,24,31,32,34,41,42,43 at the same time, 3D-combination is similar to 2D-combination。

'2D cross', select the first digit from the first string and the second digit from the second string to form a digit string to bet on。 For example, if you bet 2D-Cross-A with 123^56, it is the same as betting 2D-A with 15,16,25,26,35,36 at the same time

Sale and Sweepstakes time :

  1. Attention:

    • No bets can be placed between 19:00HRS and 21:00HRS (GMT +7)

    • Bets placed after 21:00HRS (GMT+7) will be included in the results generated the next day.


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