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JILIWIN l UNOBET /Know-how of JILI Fishing game

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Fishing machine boom

Fishing machine is a very popular game in recent years, it has been popular for nearly 8 years, really is a wonderful phenomenon of longevity and madness. Fishing machine is actually not a fishing machine at the beginning, it is a kind of goldfish game passed down from Japan

Will become today's fishing machine is because many engineers see the money it attracts, the goldfish game reset to evolve into the current fishing machine.

The fishing machine game has become a shark fishing machine nowadays, which has become popular in an instant and has been spreading to various fields, to the Internet PC side to cell phone games, and even the entertainment city has its own fishing game, now let's explore the charm and unknown side of the fishing machine together!

1. Origin of fishing machine

The fish catching machine was originally used as a game of leisure and entertainment when it was first introduced to China from Japan, and it was a game of fish catching with nets like those used in night markets, but the engineers turned it into a game of using cannons to attack schools of fish in order to obtain corresponding rewards, making the experience even more exciting!

2. Easy to understand

All kinds of fishing games of fishing machines, cell phone games, or other games derived from it, it is because the game is easy to play and easy to learn, so it can be quickly popular among various groups of consumer players, and because the graphics of the fishing machine is very easy to understand, so it can easily cross the language barrier popular around the world, with the current flow of information, the interoperability of the network, will make the fishing machine more popular.

3. Competitors

From the point of view of fairness, the fishing machine is controlled by chance and difficulty, and is really not a completely fair entertainment game. If you really sink into this game, you will definitely end up spending a lot of money on the fishing machine, not to mention those gamblers who play it as a game of chance, and they only sink deeper and deeper into the quagmire, and eventually may really have nothing.

Look at the enduring game play in the game machine industry now, only to allow players and users to experience a better and simpler way to play the single machine has always existed, which is also the biggest competitor of the fish mending machine.


Know-how of fishing machines

So what is the "cycle" of the fishing machine? The machine can not always be in a state where people can get big fish at all times, so there is a so-called "eating period" and "out period", while some will be further divided into "leisure period". The following will do the introduction of each cycle

1. Eat Staging

Don't be fooled, because it's not you who will eat the points, it's the machine that will eat your points! In this period, although there are still fish swimming through, but it is not easy to fight. At this time do not want to catch a big catch, do not move, observe carefully, use the cheap gun to catch a good fight small fish, waiting for the appearance of the stage.

2. Out of installment

When the machine has eaten a certain number of points, it will start to enter the staging. This period is the time to show off your skills, the number of fish, good complementary good, and even some of the usually difficult to catch fish can be solved with two or three shots, so do not be afraid to hurry up with high quality guns to catch all the fish in a net. So when does the staging come out? Of course, the machine will not tell you, you have to make good use of your own observation, when you find that the fish are getting better and better, it is likely to enter the out of phase.

3. Leisure period

The leisure period is a period in which no one loses, and the machine will keep you in a no-lose and no-win situation. But the fun of the fishing machine is in the sense of loss of catching fish and the sense of achievement of catching fish, so the leisure period is less attention and less proposed. Basic understanding of the principles and concepts of the fishing machine cycles, in fact, the most important thing is to actually experience.


After reading the rules of the fishing machine, let's take a look at our recommended fishing games!

jdb Fortune Fishing

JDB take the treasure electronic this super fire fish machine has full control over the hearts of players! The God of Wealth, who is in charge of money and wealth, has come to visit us, and the God of Wealth has come to reward us with bonuses, and the fishing bonuses are full of wallets! High specification quality, high multiplier score, the opportunity to get 200 times the lucky prize, the highest bonus can also get 1000 times, so that players are full of wealth, all the way to the end!

Game Features

  • God of Wealth Fat Fat Fat up to 1000 times

  • Wealthy God descends 100 to 300 times

  • Fortune Wheel up to 200x

  • Machine gun 20 to 100 rounds, the maximum accumulation of 999 rounds

CQ9 Hero Fishing

Hero Fishing" is coming! In this game, hero super power is your fishing ability!

Accumulate energy, unlock more weapons and batteries, unleash the super hero's magnificent moves, and activate the awakening skills to get the fish head quickly!

BOSS Toad King and Sea King are coming, triggering a full plate of furious attacks and 500X bounty for you to sweep.

Now come and fight with all kinds of heroes a cool straight fishing battle!

Game Features

  • 500X bounty

  • Small fish earn a small profit, big fish earn a big profit, 2X-100X


JILIWIN l UNOBET 3rd anniversary!

To thank all our members, we’d like to offer you 2 bonuses.

120₱ free trial for new members and deposit 100₱ Get 300₱(300%) bonus for all members. What are you waiting for? Join us and have fun.

How to get involved:

1. All UNOBET members

NOTE: Free trial only for new members in anniversary , Please apply within one hour after registration.

2. Deposit during anniversary

3. Each member only applies once.

Promotion Details:

1. Depost bonus

(1) Max and min deposit: 100 ~ 1,000₱

(2) Bonus: 300 ~ 3,000₱ (300%)

(3) Max bonus: 3,000₱

(4) Max withdraw: 3,000₱

NOTE: your amount will be deducted after the application done

(5) Apply this promotion within 10 minutes after deposit

(6) Turnover: 28X

2. This promotion can’t be used in conjunction with others

3. Game type: SLOT & FISH

4. Game Provides: JILI,FC,JDB

5. Each player can only use one account. Players who open multiple or fraudulent accounts will be locked and their deposits and bonus will be confiscated

6. Side bets, draws, refunds, invalid bets or bets unrelated to the game will not be counted.

7. UNOBET reserves the right to modify, change, terminate, cancel, reject or void this promotion at its sole discretion.

8. UNOBET terms and conditions apply.

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