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how to win the lottery-Various dietary recipes to increase luck

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

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Want to meet fortune, to win the Lotto prize, the traditional Chinese practice is in addition to worship, to go to the spring; according to the Western master of mysticism, in fact, eating food can also attract fortune, the master public 7 categories of wealth food, in addition to spices, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, nuts, and even desserts are different fortune purpose oh!

We have put together these foods for you in the hope that they will help you win the big prize, but we would like to remind you that when eating for money, remember that your attitude towards money is as important as the food itself.

Western recipes that bring money luck

When you eat the following foods, feel the energy of money vibrating in them, and be sure to cook them while you think about them.

  • pieces and Flora: Doritos, dill, basil, ginger, cinnamon, parsley, cloves

You can add the above-mentioned spices to all foods, and it is even better if it is a wealthy cuisine, similar energy food together to maximize the effect!

  • Vegetables and fruits: banana, tomato, pumpkin, black-eyed peas, spinach, kale, tomato, eggplant

  • Fruits: bananas, grapes, blackberries, kumquats, figs, pears, pomegranates, pineapples

In addition, blackberry pie, fig pie, banana bread, grape juice, strawberry tart, and other dishes or desserts made with these fruits are all wealthy foods, so you may want to enjoy them at snack or tea time.

  • Grains and cereals: peanuts, cashew nuts, barley, millet, bran, oats, buckwheat, rice, almonds, peanuts, long pecans, cashew nuts, pine nuts, sesame

Rice with cinnamon is a great way to attract money, such as cinnamon rice pudding. When preparing rice, you can first outline the money symbols with one finger while visualizing the desired amount of rice, and then cook the rice with the enriched rice.

  • Desserts: banana cream pie, gingerbread, creamy walnut ice cream, macadamia ice cream, blackberry pie, marzipan, candy, long pecan pie, chocolate, praline, chocolate ice cream, praline ice cream, chocolate sprinkled bananas, blackberry brandy, oatmeal bran muffin


Chinese world to increase the luck of the food

In China, too, there are some traditional and folkloric recipes that are widely known and practiced in order to win the lottery and get more money. Now we will tell you a few things that you must eat in order to bet money on the lotto so that your fortune will be greatly enhanced!

  • Orange

"The pronunciation of the word "orange" and "ji" is similar, symbolizing great good fortune; in addition, the golden skin of oranges placed one by one has a good omen of "wealth rolling in.

  • Hair Cake

Fat cake has the harmonic sound of "yearly high", hoping that the next year's work and life will be on a higher level. The Taiwanese word "Fat" means "big fortune". The older generation believes that the more cracks open during the steaming process, the more wealth there will be in the coming year.

  • Meatballs / Dumplings

The round shape of both the dumplings and the balls indicates that everything can be brought to a successful conclusion, and it is also a wish that everything in life will be successful.

  • Dumplings

The dumplings are wrapped in the shape of a golden treasure, signifying the meaning of rolling in wealth and fortune.

The "Zi" in the dumpling is "Zi Shi", and "Dumpling" has the harmonic sound of "交", which means the alternation of the old and the new, signifying a brand new start. Therefore, many people are accustomed to stuffing two of them in their mouths for good luck before making a small bet on New Year's Eve.

  • Whole Chicken / Whole Fish

The older generation believes that the chicken feet can "catch the wealth", the chicken wings are a wish for love and career to "fly" higher in the new year, and the chicken butt symbolizes "having a head and a tail", while the Taiwanese pronunciation of chicken is the same as home, so the whole chicken meal can bring peace to the whole family.

The fish symbolizes "yearly surplus", and we should note that all New Year's dishes can be eaten up, but not the fish, because only when they are left behind will there be "surplus" and wealth will always stay with us.


It's basically a new recipe that uses the ingredients listed earlier to bring in money, and the energy of the food will be multiplied to create a greater effect! But please allow me to take the trouble to remind you that although these wealthy desserts are extremely tempting, please remember to eat them in moderation, after all, health and wealth are both to be taken care of!


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