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Do you know the historical origin of Lotto?

History of World Lotto

The word "lottery" is derived from the word "lotto". The word "lottery" is derived from the word "lotto", which means fate in Italians. The history of the lotto dates back to the time of Moses and the Bible when Moses issued a lotto in order to develop the vast land on the west bank of the Jordan River. It is also said that during the Qin and Han dynasties in China, this numerical lottery game was used to raise funds for the government to build the Great Wall. The current form of the Lotto was established in the time of Roman Caesar.

Lotto became popular in Europe in the 15th and 17th centuries, and in 1498 the Portuguese established the Lotto Fund to help those in need and to support the financial needs of the country. In 1783, Queen Maria approved the establishment of the lothario nacional santa casa da misery radiate Lisboa (the oldest lotto in the world), and in 1727, the Netherlands also issued the Lotto, which is still in operation today, mainly for the purpose of repairing buildings and roads damaged by war.

The history of Lotto in the Americas

In North America, the development of the lotto had many twists and turns, and after the establishment of the Virginia Company and Harvard University under the Lotto Distribution Fund, the lotto became more widespread and diverse. Between 1830 and 1878, private underground lotteries were rampant, so New York State was the first to pass an injunction against lotto distribution, and the states followed. By 1878, all North American states except Louisiana had banned the lottery.

Later, in 1971, after the world's first computer link was completed, the lotto was restored in New Hampshire, followed by New York and New Jersey. In 1974, Massachusetts pioneered the instant lottery, which was an unprecedented success because it offered a way to pay that other lotteries could not - instant scratch, instant win, instant prize.

Between 1974 and 1976, 13 U.S. state governments issued the Scratchers Instant Lotto, and in 1977, the Canadian province of Quebec also issued the Scratchers Instant Lotto, a relatively small-scale lottery game with prizes ranging from $2, $5, $50, to a maximum of $100,000.

In the 1980s, the instant lotto was distributed in 16 states in the United States, with total sales of over $1 billion. The Canadian Lotto issued a combined lottery in recognition of the potential impact of the instant lottery on the general lottery.

At the same time, the Northeastern U.S. has begun to experiment with different types of lottery tickets to increase the number of tickets distributed. The changes included restructuring the lotto's marketing approach, reducing the percentage of distributed jackpot prizes. The Massachusetts Lotto also increased the total jackpot from 50% to 60% of gross revenue, which resulted in more customers buying tickets and doubled sales to $80 million. By 1985, sales had tripled as a result of widespread retail sales.

Lotto in ancient and medieval times

Scholars and experts are not sure about the origin of the Lotto, but it is mentioned in the Bible (Numbers - Book IV - Chapter 26 of the Old Testament) that Moses rewarded the territories west of the Jordan River with the distribution of Lotto games.

In 100 B.C., the Qin-Han government of China issued the Lotto game to raise funds to build the Great Wall to defend the Huns.

1446 AD. The history of European Lotto records that a widow of a French painter, Jan van Eyck, issued Lotto games in order to dispose of her husband's paintings.


the lottery by shirley jackson theme

he lottery was originally published by author Shirley Jackson on June 26, 1948. The story moves from the carefree environment depicted in the opening paragraphs to the savage reality of the community after the lottery begins, positioning the novel in the classic horror genre.


The lottery" was published in the New Yorker in 1948. World War II had ended a few years earlier, in 1945, and the world was shocked by the revelation that millions of Jews had been executed in Nazi concentration camps. There is a strong resemblance between the Nazis of World War II and the fictional executioners in the book. In both the reality and the fiction of the book, the murderers killed innocent people because they were blindly following others, and neither the Nazis nor the citizens questioned the moral implications of their actions.


How to play lotto games online for free in 2023

Not as dark and cold as described in the book, Lotto in the real world actually brings happiness and hope to people! People can buy a dream by paying a small amount of money, so people all over the world are fascinated by Lotto.

The most convenient way to bet on the lotto online is to use your cell phone to place bets at jiliwin, which allows you to bet anytime, anywhere, regardless of time and place. Players can choose the system according to their preferences and habits, and they can collect their winnings instantly after the daily match!

The simple, easy-to-understand, and quick-to-learn features of Lotto also give it a lot of variety in its existence; different countries and regions will develop Lotto games that match their local characteristics. As the world becomes more and more connected, many people want to try other local lotto games, and jiliwin can provide players with various choices from all over the world! Find out which lotto game you are most interested in and win your dream fortune from it!

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