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Deposit and Withdrawals

JILI WIN is an online casino with a reputation for reliability, safety and security. We provide our players with the best service in the industry. We know it can be difficult to deposit and withdraw your funds. while maintaining a high level of security and protection. This is why we have taken measures to ensure that you can access your account using various payment methods.


Easy to use MAYA/ G-cash or offline bank get JILI WIN  bonuses

Deposit in seconds

Multiple payment methods, safety and high level of security and protection. Using “MAYA”  “GCash”  or “local bank”  easy to deposit and withdrawals.

Payment TL.png
JILIWIN phone.png

STEP 1  After completing the membership “Sign up” or “Login”, click the DEPOSIT icon.
STEP 2  Select  “MAYA” “GCash” or “Local Bank” as the payment method.
Note: To choose GCash as the payment method, please bind the GCash account first

STEP 3  Enter the deposit amount.
STEP4  Open the Bank App, Gcash and make [Payment].
The amount will be deposited into the wallet.


STEP 1  Click the WITHDRAWAL icon.
STEP 2  Make sure you meet the bonus withdrawal conditions!
STEP 3 Select “Bank account” or “GCash account” > Enter the withdrawal amount.
STEP 4  Withdrawal request submitted!

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